June 2018 Newsletter for the Arena Market and Cafe
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June 2018
Our Co-op on the Coast

Arena Market and Cafe / Coastal Organics Cooperative

A Message from the Manager

I, like many of you, feel blessed to live here. Not only for the beautiful nature around us but for the strong sense of community we have (something that seems lost in most other places I’ve lived). But we still face many threats to our close-knit community. I believe one of the biggest threats is online shopping for basic goods. I’ve been thinking about this since the Amazon-Whole Foods merger.

While I’m not above shopping online for things that aren’t easily available to us out here in the boonies, I do have concerns about the normalization of buying our weekly groceries from a giant online corporation that will ship those goods from hundreds of miles away, stripping us of the connections with our food, where it came from, and the people who grow it and sell it to us. And removing the human element from our food culture is just one of many concerns. The rolling back of environmental, organic, and free-range standards is certainly another.

I truly believe that now, more than ever, is the time to invest in our community. As GM at the Arena Co-op, I hope to make that as easy as possible for our members and our customers, because supporting your local market should feel good, and not like a sacrifice.

Natalie Cortese
General Manager

Board Member Report

by Ginny Wyatt  

Greetings, blessings and happy June! What a unusually cold spring. My garden and I are looking forward to some sunshine.

I am working diligently with Natalie our new general manager to improve our market. Any and all of your suggestions, feedback and help are greatly welcomed. I have been approaching many members and asking for assistance with some changes to be made in the layout of the store. The response has been positive and I am projecting that this change will happen this month. The job will need the hands of many to complete and reset the market with as little disruption to the smooth functioning please call (882-3248) or email (gntwyatt@yahoo.com) me if you want to be included in this project.

The goal is to create an area for all to go foods in the front of the store and to align the registers for a easier transition when the second register is needed. Natalie has been bringing in new and varied products. I hope you have been noticing and enjoying some of our new offerings and more expansive options in the produce selections. Please know that what you want matters and either,write a suggestion, talk to Natalie and / or place a special order with us and let the market provide you with what you want. Ordering is done weekly.

Thanks to Lena, Claudia, Brenda and Laura for working to update our contact info. We do send out a newsletter and want to be sure all have a chance to read it. I will ask Blake to print and leave some copies in the cafe for those that don’t do email and there is a binder with a hard copy as well for those that don’t do paper.

Since Natalie has taken on this position there has been some staff changes and presently the store needs and wants to hire individuals that are dedicated to the co-op’s mission to offer good service and products. We are looking for pleasant hardworking consistent folks that enjoy working with people and don’t mind being on their feet. The market family is a great team and we have just a few spots left. Please contact Natalie if interested.

All members receive a 5 % discount on purchases daily and 10% is given on the first Friday of the month. If your account is not current the cashier will you advise you but if you aren’t current you don’t receive the discount. The market strives to increase our sales, every purchase matters. With increased sales we can flourish and retain and support our wonderful staff. Thank you for shopping locally as much as you can.

Other ways you can support the market loan us some money ($$$ we always need cash for capital improvements), pay forward on your account, bring in new members and/or become an equity investor. Remember, Arena Market is your Co-op!

New Products

Black sesame crackers - Thin, crispy, a little salty with a nice tamari zing. Cracker that can be eaten like chips. $4.59


Arare rice crackers - perfect crispy snack with a nice strong flavor of Thai basil. $4.49


Tempt Hemp Milk - Rich, creamy goodness loaded with healthy omega, calcium and vitamin D! $5.49


Lukes white truffle & sea salt chips - Perfection in a chip. $4.49

Sale Items

Local Hive honey - Raw & unfiltered northern california honey. $ $7.99

Pomi finely chopped tomatoes - super-fresh tomato flavor. $3.79

Haigs Roasted Eggplant Baba Ghannouge - delicious with no added oil. $3.99

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Suggestion Box

by Kathryn McCabe

Hello everyone! Welcome to our answers and comments to the suggestions and questions important to members. 

Why is the ready to go perked coffee a bit more costly than at other establishments in Point Arena? 
I am so excited to answer this question. Simplyput QUALITY is the answer. Unlike other stores we serve only ORGANIC, freshly ground coffee.Our coffee is guaranteed to delight your senses and prepare you for the day ahead.
We like the bulk ginger snaps.  Can we get them back?
Good news Natalie is going to get them restocked and you should be seeing them soon.
We truly are your co-op. You requested, we listened. Here's a sampling of the products we have brought into the co-op at your request: special Ice Cream, vegetarian  bacon, toilet seat covers, repeat daily specialties. Keep those suggestions coming!
Update: On covering for the muffins a new plate with cover has been ordered and should be in the store early next week .
I am adding a new feature to the Suggestion Box staring in July’s Issue.   I’ll be going to the local stores and price comparing so that our members can realize the savings enjoyed while  shopping at the co-op. I have found as a consumer that with my member discount, time saved in travel, gas, wear and tear on myself and automobile makes the co-op a very viable solution for my grocery needs.  

I also want to remind and encourage everyone to shop the first Friday of every month on CUSTOMER APPRECIATION DAY to receive that special 10% discount on purchases for all current members. This is a great opportunity to stock-up.
Thank-you Co-op members for your thoughts, comments and suggestions -- all input is greatly appreciated and considered, so please keep those questions coming..
New and exciting menu options coming weekly!!!!
Kathryn McCabe

The Co-op Needs Deep Cleaning Crew

The Market needs some serious cleaning. If we get a group together we can do it quickly and efficiently (but people can volunteer to work on their own as well). Please contact Ginny at 882-3248 or via email at gntwyatt@yahoo.com if you would be a part of this crew.

Moving Day June 10! 

Sunday evening on June 10 is the date for major movement in the store. Smaller jobs leading up to the big day happening in the evenings of the week leading up to June 10. Jobs for all skill levels. All helpers are welcome. Please call Ginny 882-3248 to help and support your co-op!


Co-Op Wish List

Stainless Steel Sink
Espresso Machine

New members

Welcome to all our new members! If you know someone that’s not a member invite them in. Thanks for being apart of our Co-op!

Upcoming Events

6/1 ~ Member Appreciation Day!
Members save even more when they shop on the first Friday of the month!

6/19 ~ Monthly Board Meeting
Monthly board meeting 3pm, Tuesday, June 19 at the RCMS Staff Room in Point Arena.

7/6 ~ Member Appreciation Day!
Members save even more when they shop on the first Friday of the month!

Board of Directors

Rick Beach, Pres.
Ginny Wyatt, V. Pres.
Kathyn McCabe, Secretary
Margaret Grace
Natalie Cortese, General Manager

183 Main Street
Point Arena

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