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February 2009

We have done it! The t’s have been crossed and i’s have been dotted. Coastal Organics Cooperative, Inc. exists and we are starting the Arena Organics Market and Café business.

There are membership documents to be signed and checks to be deposited. It is time to start building our co-op storefront. We are in a new era! Let’s see what we can do as a community.


Invest in a membership
Membership benefits
Vision statement
Work to be done.
Investors needed


Invest in a membership:
Your investment is vital to the starting of our co-op store. A full membership investment is $300.00, and we need as many full memberships as we can get. One way to increase our community support is for more than one person in a household to become a member. You can also become a member by paying $50.00 annually until the $300.00 full investment is reached. Forms are available from the store front at 185 Main Street, Point Arena, CA. and online.

Membership benefits:
On the very first day you shop in our new store, you begin to see a return on your investment.
      There are several ways that your ownership will be beneficial when make your purchases at our store. Ultimately, you, the member gets to decide on our membership benefit package, but for now here is our initial benefit package.

*  5% member discount from list prices every day of the week
*  Greater discounts during member shopping days
*  Discounts on case quantity orders
*  Ability to make special orders from our vendors
*  Vote for board members
*  Ability to influence the products that we carry
*  Receive dividends and patronage refunds from yearly surpluses

     If you were to purchase $100 in groceries per month at the co-op, then your return on your co-op investment would be better than any bank, and we know how the stock market is doing.

Vision statement:
A co-op is a member-owned business. The main objective of any co-op is to serve its members. The co-op business model allows for greater involvement in your day-to-day shopping. With a focus on locally produced products and input from members, co-op members will have more control of the quality of our lives. With the added square footage of the Oddfellows building, we will be able to care a more diverse line of products. More affordable lines of products will allow us to increase the shopping base.

Work to be done:
There is much work to be done. We are immediately starting improvements to the building. There are volunteer opportunities for painting, general construction and more. We have some materials that have been donated, but we still need plumbing materials, framing lumber, and finish lumber.

If interested in making an investment in our community please contact us for investment possibilities. Investing in a co-op where you live is different than putting your money in corporate stocks and bonds far away. The risks are different, the process is different, and the benefits to you and the community are different.

Thank you!
On a Personal note, this has been an amazing ride that I have been on. The trials and tribulations have been numerous and incredible. The learning process of understanding how to establish a co-op and what it means to the grocery business and serving the community has been fascinating. I want to thank the people of our community for being so incredibly supportive. Your interest in seeing this develop has encouraged me along every step of the way. As I said in the beginning, this is a community that wants to take care of itself. We are going to do that! Thank you for your support!

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