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July 10, 2009

WE DID IT!!!!!


WE DID IT!!!!!

An apology from the main office here at co-op central, a newsletter has been long overdue. We have been just a little overwhelmed with the opening of our storefront -- The Arena Market and Café -- yet we have opened! Our membership grew from about 60 people prior to opening to a robust 220+ members now, raising over $30,000 dollars in membership equity for our venture. Members enjoy discounts for purchases and on Member Appreciation Day last week grew our daily sales by 50%. Our inventory is starting to fill out and will only continue to grow. We recently started serving sandwiches and some house-made salsas and cold salads, we are getting really close to establishing our full kitchen facilities and with that comes our beer and wine license.

Did I mention..? WE DID IT!!!!!

The support of the community has been phenomenal! We have been able to get support from all kinds of great people. There have been volunteers working in the store and behind the scenes to make things that much more possible. We have gotten professional help for seeking capital, local craftspeople have done great work in the store, and many folks have just jumped in and lent a hand where one was needed. We are working on making the seating area more cozy, the café area more user-friendly and continuing to fill the store with more local art. Collectively we have many people to thank for their generosity and time and we also want to thank our membership for making it all possible.

Yes… WE DID IT!!!

We have been working with local farmers and purveyors of local products so that we may enjoy the qualities of our local grown produce. We are now getting produce from farms up and down the coast. Apple juice, jams and jellies, are a few of our other locally produced goods. We are planning several events here at the co-op including music, local and seasonal food discussions and preparation ideas. We have even established a book exchange in the café. The co-op is growing in all directions and we have a new motto: COME GROW WITH US!

Some near-future events to look forward to are a cooking demonstration by Aaron Peters using local, seasonal produce, a discussion on how the co-op business works and how we can keep moving toward greater discounts and services, and a general discussion on the feasibility and importance of local, sustainable food production. Also, we can’t wait for that live music!

One logistical note: If you aren’t getting this newsletter via email, it is because we don’t have your email address. Call or email us at info@arenaorganics.org and we’ll get you added to the (private) list.

See you soon at the Arena Market & Café! Come grow with us!


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